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Andy Bassich is a name you had to hear about if you are a fan of the brilliant documentary series of Nat Geo "life below zero". Yes, we are talking about the personality of reality TV that has a few canines working with him, 37 to be precise. In the middle of an ice-nowhere, without basic services such as the Internet, water supply and electricity.

How is it exciting to be a man without a nature? To learn more about Andy Basich's life, stick with us until the end. Here, we inform you of his life, his career and its net worth.  

About Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich is one of the six main characters whose life is documented in the "life below zero". The BBC has been primary producers of the show and teletrament on the National Geographic. This documentary tries to give foreignes a perspective on the lives of people who survive in an environment sub zero degrees in Alaska. With gray hair and brown eyes, you may not be able to say the Andy away from an everyday American. However, his life is full of more adventures than most. In the 21st century, the inhabitants of urban centers always seem to be impressive of life and culture in Alaska. Basich lives in his residence, located adjacent to the Yukon River. In addition, rather than usual domestic animals, Andy Animals and leads 37 canines that help him drag his sleigh.

Early Life and Family

Andy Basich was born in Washington DC on January 25, 1958, which is62 years. Interestingly, however, nothing concrete is public about his experiences as a young boy. In 1976, Andy finished graduate studies in John F. Kennedy High School. After the completion of the higher education, Andy started working in a furniture shop as a carpenter in Virginia. It is also this time when like a young man, Andy decided to travel across the country and finally settle in Alaska in 1980 Along way, Andy also met Kate Rorke in Dawson City, which he ends up getting married. While Andy became a captain of river, Kate was a guest tourist when they met for the first time. However, in 2015, the marriage ended in Kate asked the divorce at a court of sessions and received an authorization in 2016. She also alleged that the relationship was in an abusive environment.   The couple has a girl togetherbut no information on her is disclosed or shared to the public. Although people consider that the show usually from cyy, misfortune hit one day while Andy was seriously injured in an accident. In active shooting time, Bassich encountered an accident while moving a snow machine that left its infected muscles and bones. It was then transferred to Florida to receive treatment. In Florida, Andy met Denise Becker, a nurse. They are now publicly a couple who live together, but are not married to date. There is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.  

Net Worth of Andy Bassich

Although it is good to be a show of reality, for Andy, it did not lead much more than his ordinary life. The Star of the Show of Reality is worth $ 300,000. The show is its main source of income and lives a comfortable life in its usual life.


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