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May 23, 1991

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Short introduction

Lena Meyer-Landrut is best known for her victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and the steep, sudden rise to star shortly afterwards. But the young singer can do more than just “satellite” and sings to the echoes at the age of less than thirty.

Early life

Lena Johanna Therese Meyer-Landrut was brought into the world in Hanover in spring 1991. She is a lone youngster, and her mom raised her alone after her dad left the family in the mid 1990s. Meyer-Landrut's granddad was the German envoy to Russia. As a youngster, the later vocalist was keen on different moves like artful dance, jazz dance or later likewise show dance, which is made out of a few kinds. In 2009 Meyer-Landrut acquired his first acting involvement in little jobs in series, for example, "K11" or "Richter Alexander Hold". Around the same time she likewise applied for the projecting of the Eurovision Song Contest. Meyer-Landrut partook in the Eurovision Song Contest at 18 years old. She was in her A-levels and had her tests analyzed in sports and history.

Meyer-Landrut at first tried out concentrating on dialects and culture. In any case, since progress expanded steeply after the Eurovision Song Contest, she at long last ruled against visiting the college.


At the projecting of "Our Star for Oslo" in March 2010, Lena Meyer-Landrut beat 4,500 contenders. Only two months after the fact, she came out ahead of the pack in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with 246 focuses, with a few million individuals watching her. Meyer-Landrut performed here with their most renowned tune "Satellite" and promptly got a record bargain. Meyer-Landrut participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 once more, this time with the melody "Taken By A Stranger", and took tenth spot. That very year she delivered the second studio collection "Uplifting news", followed a year after the fact by "Stardust". In 2015 the artist delivered "Precious stone Sky" with the fruitful delivery "Traffic Signals" and chipped away at a youngsters' tune project and the soundtrack for "Fack ju Göhte 2". Lena Meyer-Landrut has been running her YouTube channel with the name "helloleni" starting around 2015. She likewise developed a steady TV profession: In five seasons she was a member of the jury on the projecting show "The Voice Kids", additionally chipped away at the naming of a few movies and has been filling in as a promoting mode for a beauty care products brand beginning around 2013. In 2018 Meyer-Landrut's rebound followed with the exceptionally passionate tune "Bless your heart". This was important for her collection "Just Love, L", which was delivered a year after the fact. The youthful artist introduces herself sincerely and genuinely and furthermore recorded a two part harmony with Nico Santos. In 2017 her tunes turned into a scene of "Sing my melody!" devoted.  

Career highlights

Lena Meyer-Landrut's most prominent achievement was the melody "Satellite", with which she contended in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The tune came to 120,000 downloads in three days, platinum status inside about a month and surprisingly positioned in the Australian outlines. The relating collection additionally arrived on hit records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – after "Satellite" even a vehicle model was named. The subsequent collection "Uplifting news" accomplished gold status and ahead of everyone else in 2011 following seven days. This year Meyer-Landrut not just got a reverberation as the best novice, yet in addition returned the best ten in the Eurovision Song Contest. The next year she delivered the collection "Stardust", which got gold actually like the single of a similar name. The tune "Stardust" got one more reverberation for the best music video. In 2015 Meyer-Landrut delivered the fruitful collection "Gem Sky", which incorporated a tune from a film soundtrack and got a remix EP. Just four years after the fact, the craftsman returned, her new collection scored with major issues like harassing and extraordinary sentiments. No big surprise Meyer-Landrut was even assigned for a Bambi in 2019.  

Amazing facts

– Meyer-Landrut is particularly proud of working with her favorite actor Matthias Schweighöfer, for whose film “What A Man” she was allowed to record a song.

– Lena Meyer-Landrut’s management had a big problem with her appearances in series like “Richter Alexander Hold” and even deleted videos of it from internet platforms.

– The musician says of herself that her biggest sin is chips, even though she is very slim.

– Singer Adele heard Meyer-Landrut’s interpretation of her song “My Same” and described the young woman’s singing in her statement as “fascinating”.


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