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Short introduction

Paul Hartmut Würdig, otherwise called Sido, is a German rapper from Berlin with Iranian and Sinti roots. Toward the start of the 2000s, Sido was one of the most well known performers in the nation and definitively impacted the ghetto rap with his mark Aggro Berlin. Until this point, the Berliner has sold a few million records is as yet faithful to hip jump. Likewise, Sido additionally showed up in different diversion shows. He was a hearer in different projecting shows in Germany and Austria. The Berlin rapper was likewise dynamic as an entertainer and can be found in a few movies and series on TV and on the big screen. 

Early life

The rapper Sido was brought into the world on November 30, 1980 in East Berlin as the child of a Sintiza and a German. He experienced childhood in the GDR until he was eight years of age before his mom's application to leave the nation was supported by the nation's specialists and the family moved toward the western piece of the city. They later moved to the Märkisches Viertel in Berlin, where Sido at last completed school after the 10th grade. Sido began rapping as a youngster lastly severed as a teacher for his rap vocation. Sido made his initial strides at a more significant level through occasions in the basement bar Royal Bunker and furthermore became acquainted with his later rap associates. 


Along with his companion and later flat mate Bobby Davis, who is otherwise called B-Tight in the rap scene, Sido established the rap team Royal TS, which later became Die Sect. After the partition of Royal Bunker and its overseeing chief Marcus Staiger, The Sect was endorsed by Aggro Berlin. Sido became known cross country through joint collections with his partners from Aggro Berlin. The Berlin rapper at last made his leap forward in 2004 with the melody "Mein Block" and the studio collection "Cover" that followed somewhat later, which was granted the gold record because of high deals. The Berlin rapper at first showed up with this cover in its initial years, yet took it without precedent for favor of a picture change at the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2005. From that point forward, Sido has performed openly without covering. In 2008 the Berlin rapper arrived without precedent for Germany at the highest point of the collection outlines with his collection "I and my veil". From that point on, Sido attempted a more appropriate music style. This change assisted Sido with making more noteworthy business progress. Provisions with pop vocalists, for example, Mark Forster or Adel Tawil before long followed.

Sido additionally showed up in projecting shows. Interestingly, he went about as a member of the jury in the 2007 period of the ProSieben show "Popstars". Somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2013 he additionally took an interest in the Austrian TV ability show "The Great Chance". His appearances as a hearer and mentor in the German music projecting show "The Voice of Germany", wherein he has been important for the group beginning around 2019, created an uproar in Germany. Notwithstanding detached appearances in different amusement programs on TV, Sido was likewise seen on the film screen. As an entertainer, for instance, he showed up in the 2011 element film Blutzbrüdaz.  

Career highlights 

Sido delivered his first single as an independent craftsman on April 4, 2004 with "Mein Block" and in this way arrived at number 13 on the graphs. His introduction collection "Cover", delivered three weeks after the fact, was likewise industrially fruitful and put third on the collection outlines. Around the same time Sido accepted its first honor with the Comet in the "Newbie National" classification. In 2013, Sido delivered "30-11-18", the primary collection that got platinum status in Germany. Likewise, Sido was seen interestingly on the film screen in the film "Männersache" in 2009. 

Amazing facts

Today it is realized that Sido was not brought into the world in the west of Berlin, yet in the piece of the present capital that has a place with the GDR. For quite a while, in any case, the rapper denied his starting points. Interestingly, he had thematized out in the open in 2009 in the melody "Hello you!". Sido isn't just fruitful in the big time. The Berlin rapper additionally brings in his cash with his own alcohol image called "Kabumm", a tattoo studio and a self-established hip-bounce name. Sido was a legal hearer in different projecting shows, yet additionally has a family association with them. He is a second cousin of the 2010 DSDS second from Menowin Fröhlich.


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