What’s Mike Tyson Net Worth 2023


 Mike Tyson is a person who does not need a lot of representatives. Maybe, it is the most popular boxer of all time with Muhammad Ali. His career stretched more than twenty years, from 1985 to 2005. He might be the best heavyweight boxer ever. On the list of boxers and the best sportsmen, there is a high possibility you will see Mike Tyson in the top ten.

 He even raised a heavyweight title when he was only twenty years old, which was still a record to this day. The world knows him by his nickname "the worst human on the planet", "Kid Dynamite", etc. During his career, he had fifty-eight matches, he won fifty of them. Forty-four of them ended with the knockout system. He only lost six matches. Throughout his career, he produced more than $ 300 million dollars. A few years ago, he stated bankruptcy. Seeing how he did in 2020 was interesting information. In addition, we will share some interesting information about Mike Tyson.  

Personal Life

He was born as Michael Gerard Tyson in 1966 in Brooklyn. His mother raised him alone, with two other brothers. Shortly after he started going to school, he found boxing talent. After a short time, he came out of school to pursue his dream of a career in boxing. Of course, this is one of the best movements he made. He married and divorced several times. He has eight children. 

Professional Life

As soon as he dropped out of school, he was found by Stewart. Before his professional career began, he was in two matches with Kelton Brown and Joe Cortez. He won the two matches. He became professional in 1985 after he won 26 of 28 matches as a beginner. During his career, he fought against the most popular fighters from his time like Frazier, Jacob, Tills and Green. His career began to grow in 1986 after he won the match against Ferguson's championship. After this, the next big battle is against Darky in a heavyweight tournament. In this match, he won the youngest champion ever. Immediately after, Nintendo put it in Nes as a warrior. He even had his own video game called "Mike Tyson`s Punch Out".  

Earnings and Net Worth

In January 2020, Tyson's net worth was around four million dollars. During his long-term career, he got more than three hundred million dollars. Naturally, when he was in his course, he might be the best sportsman in the world. Unfortunately, the financial decision and his poor life took him to declare bankruptcy in 2003. Recently, he began to take a little, and he got some money because of his TV appearance and the role of a small film.


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