Why open several life insurance policies?


In a world full of financial uncertainties, life insurance emerges as a beacon of stability for many French individuals. Its numerous advantages make it a sought-after investment. But did you know that it's not just about having one policy? Let's delve into the benefits of opening multiple life insurance contracts.

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The Essence of Life Insurance and Its Allure

The core principle of a life insurance contract is simple yet powerful: regular or irregular payments lead to the growth of chosen products (euro or unit-linked funds). The performance varies based on risk levels.

Fun Fact: In 2020, a whopping 116.3 billion euros found their way into life insurance contracts, a testament to its popularity. Subscribing to such a policy serves various objectives, each as crucial as the next.

Exploring the Territory: How Having Multiple Policies Works

Unlike traditional savings products, such as passbook A or PEL, life insurance offers the flexibility of opening numerous contracts—no limitations apply. The ideal time to initiate such contracts depends on the specific goals behind each one.

Pro Tip: Opening several life insurance policies unlocks multiple benefits, including multiple guarantees from the Guarantee Fund for Personal Insurance (FGAP), capped at €70,000 per depositor and per insurance company.

Diverse Endeavors: Making Life Insurance Work for You

Life insurance isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It can serve varied purposes, from building a pension supplement to funding your children's education or preparing for real estate ventures. Tailoring each life insurance policy to a specific project streamlines your investment choices.

Illustration: Imagine taking out life insurance at 35 for retirement planning, allowing for a riskier yet potentially higher-return investment strategy. Conversely, if short-term funds are needed, opting for lower-return but secure funds makes more sense.

Simplifying Succession: Adapting Placement According to Beneficiaries

When dealing with multiple beneficiaries, simplicity is key. Opting for life insurance by beneficiary rather than complex distribution clauses makes the succession process smoother.

Beneficiary Perks:

  • Beneficiaries remain unaware of each other's share.
  • Streamlined formalities reduce the waiting time for capital release.

Maximizing Returns: Optimize Contract Performance and Reduce Risk

Diversifying assets across several contracts isn't just about spreading risk; it's about optimizing earnings. Different insurers offer a variety of investment funds, enhancing your investment portfolio.

Food for Thought: Why not explore diverse management options by choosing different types of management for each contract?

Tax Efficiency: Redemptions and Beyond

Tax considerations play a significant role in the life insurance journey. Beyond the eighth year, the taxation of surrenders becomes notably advantageous. Opting for the flat tax after this period ensures a 7.5% flat-rate levy (12.8% beyond €150,000) after a €4,600 abatement.

Insider Tip: Inheritance tax on payments made after age 70 receives a less attractive allowance—€30,500 for all beneficiaries—compared to the more generous €152,500 per beneficiary for premiums paid before 70 years.

Conclusion: Your Financial Odyssey with Multiple Life Insurance Contracts

In the realm of financial planning, having multiple life insurance contracts is like navigating through a sea of opportunities. Each policy tailored to a specific goal ensures flexibility, security, and optimal returns. Remember, it's not just about having life insurance; it's about unlocking its full potential.

FAQs About Life Insurance Contracts: Unveiling the Mysteries

Can I open multiple life insurance contracts simultaneously?

Yes, you can open as many as you want with no limitations.

What benefits does having multiple life insurance policies offer?

It provides multiple guarantees from the Guarantee Fund for Personal Insurance (FGAP) and allows for tailored investment choices.

How does life insurance by beneficiary simplify the succession process?

It ensures beneficiaries remain unaware of each other's shares, streamlining formalities for faster capital release.

Why is diversifying assets across multiple contracts essential?

It optimizes earnings by accessing a variety of investment funds from different insurers.

What tax considerations should I keep in mind with life insurance contracts?

Beyond the eighth year, opting for the flat tax ensures a more favorable taxation rate on surrenders.


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