Al Sharpton Net Worth 2023


 Political performance and social activist Al Sharpton has been fighting for social and economic justice for African-Americans for years. He is currently the host of the Nation of Politics in MSNBC who obtains a salary of $ 500,000 per season. The show is the highest news series on the network only under Chris Matthews Hardball and Rachel Maddow Show. He is constantly in the news that speak for African-American victims of prejudice and injustice problems. Sharpton has been called Him's enthusiasm in Trayvon Martin's shooting. Critics have affirmed that the Reverend turned the death of the 17 years into a racial issue.

The 58-year-old boy was born in Brooklyn New York in 1954. He was raised in a Baptist home and was inspired to become a preacher. His father left his mother and the family was forced to go through the Brownsville projects and had to request well-being. He was the Baptist Minister and the civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, who inspired him to continue fighting for social rights. In 1969, he appointed him to be the youth director of Operating Breadbasket, a group focused on helping unemployed African-Americans participate. In 1991, Shapton founded the National Action Network, an organization designed to increase the education of voters, to provide services to poverty and to support small community businesses.In 1971, while traveling with James Brown, he met his future wife, Kathy Jordan, who was a support singer. Sharpton and Jordan were married in 1980. The couple had two daughters before they separated in 2004.


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