Melyssa Ford Net Worth 2023



  • Ethnicity: Russian, Barbadian, Norwegian

  • Birthday: November 7th

  • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

  • College: York University

  • Net Worth: $50K

Former Vixen Vixen, Model and Television Host Mesyssa Ford joined the Cast of Bravo New Series Blood, Sweat and Heels. Ford joined a group of women who tried to merge in the entertainment industry in the atmosphere of New York's cutthroat. It's been a long trip for Ford after his modeling career. His personal struggle and his career had taken him to lose luck he had collected with minimal clothing on the cover of men's magazines. Today he is only worth $ 50k. In the series he claimed he filed bankruptcy. But after getting between $ 3,000 - $ 5,000 for the appearance and photo session what could happen to the camera to bring it to financial destruction? But he managed to change his life and had a developing career in real estate. Like most in the industry, this story will all be common.

Melyssa Savannah Ford was born in Thrake's Homontown Toronto Canada November 7, 1976. He attended the York University which was Canada's third largest university. Ford claimed his modeling career began when he was in college to help pay education. During his vixen career range, he had done 20 music videos. During a 5-year period that is not much compared to modern Vixens such as Keshia Dior which is done more than 30 in 1 year. But at that time he made $ 4,000 per day on a 2-day video shootout so that the money was much better. Melyssa's first video in 1997 for Glenn Lewis entitled "Things to do". Years after his career, he explained that the music video was degrading.
He also made television appearance land with betting bets, and indeed appeared in countless male magazines. Ford crossed from television and video to make his film debut in turning it on. The film was released in 2000 and looked at Ja, Jason Statham and Faith Evans. He also brands itself released a calendar, DVD fitness, posters, and others. Ford continued to work in the entertainment industry employed at Sirius XM working with breakfast at this time of DJ Angela Yee radio.At some point he was bored as a sex cat and chose to invest the savings he had in building a real estate career. In an interview with the club breakfast he claimed he felt his baby "beaten by the entertainment industry".During his successful modeling career, his big waist, Big Boobs and beautiful eyes are enough to have dozens of profiled men. Melyssa has been dating rapper, football players, entrepreneurs and actors. Some of the most productive relationships include Tyrese, Bryan Michael-Cox music producer, Kerry Rhodes soccer player and the most new Flo Rida. The two met when he interviewed him at Sirius XM. The relationship lives again. Both have no similarity and he said the relationship was "limited." In 2011 they revived their relationship when he dated the Eva Pigford model from the next top America model. Eva had called Ford Gold Digger in a previous interview that said she was just back with her because she got paper. But it is Flo Rida which has reached to Facebook.He claimed that one of his relationships ended after he found the video recorded from his sleeping girlfriend with another woman. Who will cheat Ford?Melyssa was also approached in season 3 of love & hip hop, adding NY and then approached by Mona Scott and VH1 manufacturer to do the 4 season starring Peter Gunz, his baby Momma Tara Wallace and his wife Amina Buddafly. But fortunately he rejected the two offers despite the reported salary of $ 50k. Ford quoted that he did not want to be forced for an unrealistic drama and was known for his love life. Blood, sweat, and heels seem to be more suitable on the Bravo network that seems to describe it more really and live with an emphasis on a developing real estate career. The amazing amazing ranking ranking show was the highest ranking of Bravo from all their shows to beat Atlanta's real housewives, married drugs and the rest.


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